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Winter wedding ideas

Posted On January - 19 - 2012

If you are the kind of person that likes sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand than you should definitely have a winter wedding.

Here are some winter wedding ideas to make it perfect:

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Winter wedding decoration:

            Being a special time of the year you can use some decorations associated to the Christmas but do not go overboard with it. You can use pine trees branches or just group some small potted pine trees sprayed with white to create an elegant winter wedding decoration. Use crystals to illuminate the reception and to make it brighter you can suspend some lanterns on the roof of the reception, or just choose a place with a fireplace and sofas and comfortable chairs to create a cozy décor that your guests will simply love it. Choose textiles like velvets in shades of lilac and brown because they create an elegant atmosphere and appropriate to the season. To give your winter wedding touches of glamour just use white and gold.

Invitations and cards:

            If you’re getting married very close to Christmas or New Year’s Eve you can reflect it in your invitations. An idea to give a comfort and warmth touch to them is to place the invitations in cloth bags. A greater idea is to create a design like borders of velvets and apply it on your invitations, seating cards, charts, maps and menus. Instead of a seating chart you can be original and use small bags filled with tea and tied up with a tag written with the guest’s name and place at the table.

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Floral decoration

            For a winter wedding use seasonal flowers like gardenias, lily of the valley, buttercups, daisies, poinsettia, mistletoe and pine trees. To create an image of pure snowflakes you can use baby orchids to decorate the ceremony and the reception. An extraordinary wedding bouquet is made of white baby roses accessorized with crystals or feathers.

The menu

            To have your winter wedding warm and inviting you can start by serving Moroccan soup, and have as a complement for the meat dish with pumpkin or puree. Close the night with small cups of Irish coffee or hot chocolate and warm shortbread cookies.

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The wedding cakes

The perfect cake for a winter wedding is made of chocolate with wild berry filling and whipped cream topping decorated with white chocolate snow flakes.

Wedding favors

            Boxes filled with small cookies having graved the bride’s and groom’s initials are some great wedding favors. An original idea is to offer bottles of chocolate liquor with a pair of decadent truffles. If your winter wedding is on New Year’s Eve a small bottle of champagne is a perfect favor. Also some warm and colorful scarves with a thank you note are much appreciated.

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