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Winter Wedding Ideas 2013

Posted On August - 22 - 2013

Have you ever thought to organize your dream wedding in winter? The white color and the first snow of winter, the atmosphere of joy and celebration of this season will turn the entire ceremony and wedding party in a fairytale, full of grandeur and magic. The following winter wedding ideas will help you organize a magical wedding.

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Location – For your winter wedding, it will be much easier to find a place that meets your standards and that offer affordable services. Opt for a place with fireplace and a large window, which can give a cozy and romantic air, while admiring the beauty of snowflakes falling outside.

Decorations – The dream atmosphere is given by how you choose your decorations. Wonderful winter wedding ideas are combinations of red and gold for decor. Use with confidence Christmas decorations for your wedding to create a warm, cheerful and special environment. Of course, the color of the entire wedding should be, without a doubt, white; thus opt for arcades of white flowers adorned with Christmas glass ornaments. In addition, scented candles will warm the atmosphere.

Another idea is to opt for glass decorations and crystals or artificial snow and ornamental snowflakes to create the feeling of an ice palace. Also, choose red glasses that provide a splash of color to the dominant white, place on each table white candles, napkins holder snowflake-shaped, colored globes, etc.

Wedding cake – The wedding cake can only be white. A good idea is to try a marzipan cake, beautifully decorated with sweet snowflakes and white flowers. If you are not a traditional couple, add on top of the cake a decorative globe.

Wedding dress and wedding bouquet – Your wedding gown must be undoubtedly white, for example of organza, with fine embroidery of silver or white satin. Other winter wedding ideas regarding the dress is to opt for a long sleeve dress with fur collar or choose a white fur hat, which will give a touch of originality to the entire outfit.  Also, shoes are a very important accessory; opt for a pair of white boots with fur and thin and high heels. It is preferable to keep a silvery-white note, so opt for simple silver jewelry. Regarding the wedding bouquet, you can opt for a bouquet of white roses and white lilies or a simple bouquet of red roses. With the right elements, your winter wedding will be a paradise.

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