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What to consider when you choose your wedding place

Posted On July - 29 - 2011

The wedding party may bring the many and wonderful memories of that day, both for you and for your guests. It is important the location where you choose to organize the party, being an important pillar in the establishment of wedding style.

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Unfortunately you can expect many unpleasant surprises in terms of restaurant where you organize the wedding, and the girls already married can tell you many many more. Learning from the experience of others we will propose the most important criteria that you will need to consider on choosing the wedding restaurant, otherwise “surprises” may be from changing the menu to very large additional costs and changes in the party organization. You will see that the first question all the owners agree with your ideas, but then when you’ve already decided to choose and not much time left until the wedding to see how they dare to impose you other rules in which regarding your wedding party, although you pay, they want to do as they say, simply lifting up the extra incomes.

To get a quality / price ratio will be best to write a list well organized for each restaurant that you were interested, so you can make clear comparisons. Do not forget to consider the wedding style that you want, so the location must be coordinated by your desires, you should watch the scenery, lighting, walls, color, draperies, dance floor, position of the tables, etc.. Local image should be impressive for your guests. Before choosing the location you will have to decide on the style of wedding and then make a theoretical assessment of the number of guests whom they assume to be present in your wedding day.

The criteria you have to follow in choosing the restaurant:

First and very important we have to advise you to not skip any detail in a contract, otherwise you risk to arise more or less things that will ruin the wedding party or excessive cost. Restaurant reservation must be made about a year before and the long period between the time of booking and the wedding will aggravate the preparation of the contract, but you should specify the price differences and their variation criterion.

And, most important for a successful wedding, you must choose the place after the menu they offer. How many dishes will be served, what to do with drinks and cookies (if you bring them from “home” or if they are included in the menu), if the company offers cake and other details that need to take into account when you want to sign a contract with a restaurant.
These are just some of our instructions that you should think about when you choose the place where you organize the wedding party.

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