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Wedding trends for 2012

Posted On February - 23 - 2012

If you are getting married next year these are the wedding trends for 2012 you should consult:

  • Vintage, vintage, vintage

            One of the wedding trends for 2012 is the vintage style wedding. If you think you like this kind of wedding you should use details that take you back to your childhood (toys, different objects, colors and ideas). All these putted together can gi1ve your wedding day a perfect and original touch. But to a perfect wedding your hair must be elegant and for this need some hair color ideas.

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  • Engagement session with a theme

            This session is a growing trend, which gives a chance for the bride and grooms to feel comfortable with their wedding photographer. Another wedding trends for 2012 referring to this session is to give it an original touch by creating your little love story.

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  • Wedding dresses with asymmetrical necklines

            Even though Kate’s wedding with William gave you the idea to have a formal wedding dress, a wedding trends for 2012 is to have an asymmetrical necklines dress.

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  • Cool groom

            Not only the bride is doing her best to get an original and beautiful look, but also the groom is, and wedding trends for 2012 is to add special details to your formal costume like: colorful socks, original sneakers, bowties that matches the sneakers, suspenders, hat, cap, etc.

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  • DIY

            Do it yourself is one of the wedding trends for 2012. Handmade objects can make your wedding memorable and special, so you and your groom can have your own contribution to your wedding to make it unique.

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  • Elaborate dessert table

            A new trend for the 2012 weddings is to put near the wedding cake desserts and sweets beautiful arranged to create an original and elegant image.

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  • Less is more

            Usually a smaller wedding is based on a better socializing between guests. This maxim less is more is also referring to the details that you use at your wedding: a wedding trends for 2012 is to spend more on small details to create a homely atmosphere.

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  • Rustic chic

            Using rustic decorations at your wedding is a new and major trend, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding.

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  • Super 8 mm film

            From the new wedding trends for 2012 is the replacing of the old boring movies with short films where the bride and groom are telling a story. This short film can be recorded with a big screen quality or inspired from 1970s and can be shared with the guests.

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  • Seeing each other before the wedding

            A new trend is seeing each other before the wedding even if it is against an old tradition that says that the groom should not see the bride before the wedding because is bringing bad luck. If you want to surprise yourself you can have a peek with the photographer around to create a special pre-wedding moment.

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