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Wedding traditions and superstitions

Posted On March - 12 - 2012

Wedding superstitions are as ancient as the marriage, beginning with the tradition that the bride should not be seen by the groom until the wedding day. Even if you laugh about them or you believe in them, the fact is that wedding traditions and superstitions does exist:

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  • Engagement traditions and superstitions:
  • A girl should not marry a boy which has the same letter in his last name like she has;
  • If she wants to ask him she should do it only in the leap years, otherwise it brings bad luck;
  • Another bad luck is brought if the fiancée takes her engagement ring off until the wedding day;
  • The wedding rings and the engagement ring are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because there is a vein that leads straight to the heart.
  • Wedding traditions and superstitions:
  • It’s bad luck for the bride to see an open grave on the wedding day;
  • Another thing that is included in wedding traditions and superstitions is about the bride’s cry: if she cries on her wedding day is good luck because is considered the last time when she cries in her marriage;
  • If the wedding ring is dropped down by the groom this means that the marriage is blessed with good luck;
  • Is bad luck to say the vows after 6 p.m.;
  • The groom should be the first at the church and is better to enter with the right foot;
  • The bride’s arrival is announced by the flower girl with flowers to bring fertility in this marriage;
  • If the younger sister gets married first, the elder one should dance barefoot at the wedding to find herself a husband;
  • It brings good luck if the wedding day is set on the day of the week when the groom was born or on his birthday.
  • Wedding attire
  • Is bad luck to make yourself the wedding dress or to help making it;
  • If you borrow the dress it means good luck for you but bad luck for the girl that lends it;
  • The bridesmaid has the role to confuse the evil spirits, not to know who the bride is;
  • If you wear pearls on the wedding day it brings bad luck and tears in your marriage;
  • The bride is protected from the evil spirit by the veil;
  • If she rips her dress during the day it means that the marriage will end with a death;
  • If the bride finds a spider on her dress on the wedding day it brings good luck.
  • Wedding cake
  • They should cut the cake together to begin their lifetime of sharing;
  • The single ladies from the wedding should take the slice of the cake and put it under the pillow to dream their one.
  • After the wedding
  • The one who’s asleep first would die first;
  • The groom is carrying the bride not to stumble on the front door, because this would bring bad luck;
  • The rice, flower and confetti that are thrown on them bring fertility to the marriage.

So, these are the wedding traditions and superstitions that you can laugh about or take notice on the wedding day and after.

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