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Wedding Themes

Posted On March - 28 - 2013

Themed weddings were in vogue for several years, but in recent seasons have lost their charm. However, in 2012, this trend will again be adopted by many couples, so it will become fashionable once again to choose a theme for your wedding, theme that will be found in every detail of the ceremony and reception, from invitations to the reception decor. The colors are chosen, of course, depending on the theme. Each couple will be able to choose their own theme based on their common passions, how they met, etc. However, if you cannot think of any theme, here are some ideas for wedding themes:

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Retro-chic – It is a theme easy to implement and fits perfectly a spring wedding. You need a wedding dress with a retro cut, matching accessories – umbrella, hat or veil – and a little imagination. As for colors, you can go for a pleasant combination of pink and brown, and the location can be decorated with old photos of your parents’ wedding.

At the beach – For this theme use shades of turquoise, green, blue, navy blue, some shells, etc. This theme is very fresh and appropriate especially for summer weddings.

Rustic wedding – This wedding theme can be very special and unique. All you have to do is to find a traditional location for your wedding, where the décor and menu are ready in place. You just need to find the invitations, flowers and wedding dress to fit the theme.

Black and white – It is one of the most elegant wedding themes and you can integrate decorations into the existing decor, so consider this aspect. You can opt for black and white elements or one color elements to decorate. Choose chess motifs, vintage, lacy decoration prints, etc.

Carnival wedding – For those who love large celebrations, the carnival is a great idea for wedding theme. You can opt for an elegant or avant-garde wedding. Colorful masks and atypical decorations fit very well, and the food can be one of the most colorful, which guests have seen so far.

Finally, weddings are of different shapes and sizes. They can be simple or elegant, large or small. Here are some other examples of wedding themes: winter wedding, Valentine’s Day, medieval, Christmas, western, Las Vegas, Hollywood and autumn. A themed wedding is different from all weddings and can be as distinguished or outrageous as you want.

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