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Wedding Shoes

Posted On November - 20 - 2013

Wedding shoes are a stylish and sophisticated accessory of the wedding day. Before you choose them take into account the fact that they must not only match the dress, but also be comfortable, because you’ll be wearing them all day. With these suggestions in mind, here are some types of wedding shoes that match a formal dress.

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  • Closed toes shoes: Nothing is more stylish than a pair of Ballroom shoes of white satin. If however you prefer something less traditional, consider the option of side cut out shoes. A simple fold of fabric and some gemstones will complement the elegant look. And a reasonable heel height of 7-8 cm it’s enough for a long dress.
  • Sandals: If your dress has a simple skirt and straight, then surely it can be seen what you wear on when you walk down the aisle or when you’re on the dance floor. In this case, you need a pair of sandals to attract guest’s attention. Among the most beautiful models are the satin sandals, with T-shaped straps. Straps with gemstones from toes to ankle create a uniform and pleasant look.
  • Slipper shoes: These types of wedding shoes are the best choice for certain dresses, even if the groom is much taller than you. For example, if your dress is inspired by the Renaissance period, you will not want to wear something else than these type of shoes. Slipper shoes may be the best choice as a second pair of shoes for your wedding day. During the party you will feel good to do pirouettes in your wedding dress and wear on a pair of elegant slipper shoes.
  • Shoes suitable for outside: Just because the wedding is outside, does not mean you have to abandon the idea to have wedding shoes. In this situation it is appropriate to wear a pair of flip-flops adorned with semiprecious stones, available in ivory and white. In addition, even if the wedding takes place inside, you can consider flip-flops as a second pair of shoes for the wedding party.
  • Shoes with floral design: Rarely, a dress can be matched with a pair of dance shoes with flowers, but with the right dress, these shoes can be sensational. Imagine your wedding in a simple garden, and you wear a short wedding dress from a canvas-like material. In this case, wedding shoes with floral design are very feminine.
  • Shoes easy to paint: Shoes can be painted, so to match any shade and it is very easy to do that. You can find these types of shoes with closed toes, shoes with cut away sides, sandals or high heel shoes.
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