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Wedding shoes: How to walk on high heels

Posted On July - 29 - 2011

High heel shoes are very stylish and give you a beautiful position, creating the illusion of longer legs and forcing you to arch your back. Think at the red carpet at the Oscars and I do not think you will remember any actress in ballet shoes or sneakers … We must recognize that heels are the perfect accessory for the festive outfits, and implicitly for wedding dress.

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But a high heel is uncomfortable because the foot position in shoe is a natural one, the center of gravity changes its position, the body tries to adapt to new situations of “imbalance”. Therefore, it takes practice and perseverance to learn walking in heels, as you learned a long ago, walking on two legs.

If you have never walked in heels, but you would do this at the wedding, you will need about 2 weeks of “training”. Start slowly with a pair of shoes with heels of 5-6 cm, then ones of 8-9 cm and only then you can move to the “advanced” heels over 10 cm. Wear shoes around the house, practicing walking on different surfaces – tiles, flooring, carpet – and try to speed up and down on the heels to get used to. Look yourself in the mirror from time to time to gain confidence and to maintain your motivation.

Like I said, heels are not comfortable in the true sense, but that does not mean there are not some pairs that are more “friendly” than others. When you try on the shoes, try to figure out how your weight is distributed. A good block will cause the most weight to be taken over by the heel. Therefore, if you feel the tip over “all the brunt,” be sure that you will not be able to wear those shoes more than 2-3 hours.

Also, the shoes should fit your size perfectly. On the other hand, is perfectly normal to have one foot a little bit wider or longer than the other. Therefore you can use with confidence the cushions gel, heel cushions or sprays expanded skin to make both shoes to be just right.

Once you’ve settled in walking through the house, it’s time to get a short and pleasant walk. Should know that high heels are not made for walking on sand, gravel or grass, because you will sink the heels simply in the ground and will provide a rather sad picture, than a graceful one.

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