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Wedding rings

Posted On November - 7 - 2011

In almost every culture the bride and the groom change wedding rings as a symbol of their love and mutual commitment.
But over generations, tastes and style in terms of wedding rings have experienced changes.
Wedding rings have become more varied than ever, not only in terms of design, but the metals that are designed.

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In 2011, for continue past trends, it is imposed like one of the favorites: the large diamond wedding ring. The most popular metal in combination with diamond is platinum.
Smaller or larger diamonds are in great demand among the grooms and brides, because they look great on the rings, both the hand of women and the men.

For men, platinum rings models of preferred diamond include geometric lines, straight and triangular forms with a slightly rounded edge to the inside.
Fine platinum rings encrusted with diamonds will decorate the brides hand in 2011. Favorites this year will be the right band rings, small diamond narrow, rings inlaid with a big diamond surrounded by smaller diamond and platinum wedding rings with a single oval diamond.

Another trend for 2011 are bold patterned wedding rings. From wedding rings with engraved lines, the intricate designs inspired by Celtic wedding ring design is ideal for those who want something original, without the trend and can add a gem … an expensive one, such as a diamond.

Wedding rings of a strong metal such as gold, white gold, platinum, with a thin band, simple at the center or the edge of another precious metal, strongly contrasting remain in trend.
Wedding rings are for a life, not a season. Therefore different models are popular, because tastes are different. From classic to modern.

1. Choose a model ring that suits you.
Do not choose something very sophisticated, because not you will wear it only at parties and maybe at some point you will feel sorry that you have chosen a model too fancy to be worn all day.

2. If you like to wear silver jewelry, you can opt for white gold rings, or combinations of white gold and yellow gold, with the advantage that match any other jewelry in addition, and very elegant.

3. Take measure carefully.

You do not want to have always careful not to slip the ring off your finger. In addition, the husband could not be satisfied with the explanation “It slipped, dear, from the finger, and I lost it.”

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