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Wedding proposal ideas

Posted On August - 12 - 2011

Marriage proposal is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life and certainly touching for both partners. It is up to you to make of the request to marry a magic moment. We offer you a few ideas that can serve as inspiration.

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Create a blog that have the marriage proposal theme. You can post pictures of you two, your favorite songs, funny or romantic events you went through. Be careful not to forget the magic words – “Will you marry me?”. After you’ve finished, send the link to your beloved.

Ask a friend to make you a picture and edit it in Photoshop, attaching the picture the demand of marriage. Set the picture as background and wait for her to open the computer. She will have a pleasant surprise!

Organize a marriage proposal using balloons. Fill a balloon with rose petals and make sure you enter inside the balloon also the engagement ring. Make a bouquet of the balloons and give it to your beloved. Play and let her break the balloons. She will be surprised when she sees the rose petals falling and the engagement ring. Ask her then if she wants to marry you.

Fill the room with balloons. Enter, in each, the tickets that you wrote a few reasons why you love her. To read them, she will have to break all bubbles. Make sure in one of them is the engagement ring.

Hide four balloons containing tickets of one word of the the sentence: “Will you marry me?”. Let her to break all the balloons and then give her the engagement ring.

Order a cake that shows your marriage request. Ask the candy maker to put the cake in the window. Invite your girlfriend for a walk. When you pass the window and she will notice the cake, you should give her the engagement ring.

Invited her to a restaurant, and when you order dessert, make sure she receives instead of cake, the engagement ring. You have to talk to the waiter before that. Make sure you not give your girlfriend anything to suspect.

It is her birthday? Then surprise her in front of friends and family with a special cake. Replace the classic “Happy Birthday” with a picture of you and the demand of marriage.

Challenge her to a bungee jumping. After she has fixed equipment, ask her if she wants to marry you. If she accepts, she really has to jump.

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