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Wedding Planning List

Posted On June - 19 - 2013

If you are wondering how to start planning a wedding, the answer is very simple: you need a list. Any bride-to-be is prepared with a wedding list with all costs that should be made for the big event, reservations, people that should be contacted, etc. To enjoy your wedding day it is good to start organizing in advance. But organizing the wedding is incomplete without a wedding planning list that should be done from the beginning, before you start doing anything. What is this list? Well, this list will help you get to work, without forgetting the key points and all that is needed for the wedding. Let’s see what this wedding planning list should contain:

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  • invitations;
  • wedding dress;
  • suit for the groom;
  • bridal accessories;
  • bridal shoes;
  • location decorations for the ceremony and the reception;
  • bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets;
  • testimonials;
  • menu and drinks;
  • sweets and wedding cake;
  • wedding rings, jewelry;
  • research ideas for simple short wedding hairstyles or long wedding hairstyles
  • research makeup ideas and nail designs
  • music;
  • decide the locations for the ceremony and the reception;
  • dance lessons;
  • photographer / videographer;
  • honeymoon;

Now that you have your wedding planning list, you should start to plan your wedding with at least 10-12 months in advance. Even if you have a year before the wedding, you should not forget that time goes by and sometimes goes too fast. What to do during this time?

  • select the locations for the wedding ceremony and reception, negotiate prices, menu, drinks;
  • choose your godparents and talk with them;
  • select the place where you will accommodate your out-of-town guests, make reservations at an hotel, if necessary;
  • choose your music, whether it is a DJ or a band;
  • select and negotiate prices with the photographer and videographer;
  • reserve your date and venues;
  • select the invitations and order them;
  • try to visit as many wedding stores and try on as many dresses before you choose the one you will buy or rent;
  • purchase the wedding dress;
  • purchase the rings and other jewelry in time to allow the company to make them to order if they are not in stock;
  • purchase wedding shoes, undergarments, veil and other accessories you will need;
  • select a hairstyle that you want, make an appointment with the stylist. If you plan on doing your own simple short wedding hairstyles or sophisticated long wedding hairstyles, make sure to try it several times in order to master it before the big event.
  • schedule manicure, pedicure, makeup;
  • get your marriage license;
  • order flower bouquets;
  • order the cake;
  • buy gifts for your godparents;
  • schedule a bachelor and bachelorette party;
  • book a spa treatment.

As you can see, when you don’t know how to start planning a wedding, all you have to do is put your ideas on paper. Once your wedding planning list is done, everything will fall into place.

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