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Wedding photo ideas

Posted On August - 7 - 2011

I do not know if from the point of view of a photographer exists or not the word “photogenic” or is just a figment of many people who see themselves most beautiful in reality than in pictures …
It’s not too important whether it exists or not, what is most important is to have the most beautiful wedding photos.

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The first thing is to choose a photographer with experience! And we start from this premise. Otherwise, the problem would not be yours, but the photographer’s. And these tips do not have any purpose.
We give you a great tip: at least one month before the wedding you must try more wedding hairstyles and wake-ups. You should go with a camera and ask someone to take you some pictures wearing make-up and the wedding dress. It may be that the bun, the real work of art, does not looking too advantageous in the wedding photos. So I have to think about this aspect.

There is no news if you say that makeup is a salvation in reality, but also in pictures! A good makeup can make anything: bigger lips, more expressive eyes, etc …

However there is a rule of common sense here. Do not exaggerate! Should keep in mind that your wedding day will require a lot from you and therefore you will always be hectic. Everything is a little more in your makeup, can turn your look into loud. As a refined bride, you can not make this mistake.

The sleep … yes I know it is hard to sleep peacefully having so many emotions and a lot to do a few days before the wedding. You have so many thoughts in your head.

But I advise you to let aside these concerns and in the worst case and to resort for calming pills… because makeup can do wonders and hides tired skin but only for a few hours.

Pictures only with the two of you!

Schedule an hour of photos just for you. With an army of guests behind you, spontaneity and naturalness can not perform.

It is wrong that you smile all the time! At some point your fake smile will be revealed, and these photos are not very successful.

It is important to have a positive and an elegant attitude. After all a melancholic bride can be also very beautiful, and these pictures can be even more expressive …

On the other hand no one wants to come out the same way in all the photos: the mouth from ear to ear.

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