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Wedding invitations – ideas and trends

Posted On February - 20 - 2012

If you want to make a unique wedding invitation here are some wedding invitations ideas and trends:

  • Bride and groom’s monogram

The monogram is the bride’s and groom’s favorite for the wedding invitations because it always have been modern and elegant. The symbol of union is brought by the bride’s and groom’s initial who are side by side.

  • Simple and chic

Even if you want to add some color to your wedding invitation first you should think that white is giving it a simple and chic look.

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  • Use fabric

A new trend in making a wedding invitation is doing for it an envelope from fabric especially when you have your wedding in spring. Before you send it you should place them in bigger envelops.

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  • Handwritten lettering

For an exclusive wedding you can incorporate in your wedding invitation the handwritten lettering because it’s creating a very unique feature.

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  • Eco-friendly wedding invitations

If you’re having an eco wedding you have to have eco-friendly invitations. An eco-wedding includes using recycled paper, paper from cotton and eco ink – made with soy – to print the invitations. You can hire a calligrapher to write your invitations if you can’t find a company with eco ink. Eco wedding invitations give a original touch to your wedding and nobody knows you used recycled paper.

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  • Incorporating standout motifs

This wedding invitation is especially for a modern bride and groom and an urban wedding. Usually for this invitation are used stand outfits and a beautiful contemporary style.

  • Adorned with jewels

A fashionable wedding invitation is full of dazzling jewels, bright gem stickers, bands of pearls or adorning monogram with Swarovski crystals. This kind of invitation is generally used by a typical modern bride.

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  • Lovely flowers

Flowers are always showing all the happiness and beauty that are revealed by a wedding. So using flowers on your invitation is fitting right in the theme. Floral motifs or floral stamps for the invitation and the envelope are the perfect details for this kind of wedding.

  • Embossing and texture

Nowadays a detail became very important in making an invitation. This special detail is revealed by the printed letters that can be sensed by touching the wedding invitation.

  • Laidback and funny

Giving your wedding invitation a funny touch will make it look original. For example you can put a highlight like “we finally did it” and behind it a picture with you and your groom when you were children, or a funny touch that you consider it will be unique.

  • Back to vintage

If you hire a designer to create your wedding invitation you should tell him that vintage patterns and motifs are back in the trend. These are the details that are used to make a vintage wedding invitation: silk bows, silk paper, rosettes or polka dots.

These are the wedding invitations ideas and trends that we hope will help you make a perfect invitation.

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