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Wedding Cakes

Posted On December - 15 - 2013

Not only the wedding dress and groom’s suit should be according to trends, location, food served and so on, but especially the cake, a small work of art that draws everybody’ s attention. If you want your cake to grab everybody’s attention and look like a true work of art, consider a bakery like India Cakes that will create a cake for any occasion. Read on to find out the latest trends in terms of wedding cakes.

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  • The minimalist design for wedding cakes – If in the past years fancy cakes in many colors were in trends, today minimalist style cakes are among the most popular. You can play with textures or with at most two colors; the cake should be simple. In trends are cakes with white marzipan decorated with some darker details. For those who pay more attention to detail, hand painted cakes are in high demand.
  • Cakes decorated with simple flowers – If you want to decorate the wedding cake with flowers, forget about roses, peonies, and better orient yourself to simple flowers, with a modern touch – callas, tulips, irises, etc. The perfect combination will be between the white or pink cake and flowers in strong colors.
  • Cakes decorated with fresh fruit – This design for wedding cakes is perfect for a themed wedding. Opt for tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango and pomegranate and combine them with a vanilla cake.
  • Tall cakes: Whether it is tall itself, whether it is placed on tall plates, the imposing cake is fashionable in 2012. In addition, if you opt also for a minimalist style, it will be the perfect choice.
  • Groom’s cake: This American tradition is starting to be adopted worldwide. In addition to the wedding cake itself, which is called the ‘bridal cake’, will appear a second cake, the groom’s, who will be either in a darker color for very elegant weddings or in a funny shape, such as – football ball, car racing, or other shape the groom may desire.
  • Dessert buffet: If the cake is not enough opt for a desert buffet. If you want your guests to dance the entire night give them plenty of energy in the form of sweets. Arrange a small Swedish buffet only with desserts: muffins, mini cakes, pies, glasses of sherbet, fruit, etc.

Generally, wedding cakes are chosen according to the theme of the wedding and should reflect the couple’s personality and express their story. I hope this lovely wedding cake designs, which are also in trends this year, will help you choose the perfect cake for the big day.

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