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Wedding cakes ideas

Posted On November - 25 - 2011

There is no wedding without a cake. A wedding cake not only comes as a tasty thing that celebrates a wedding but also a special one that remains in the mind of the guests a very long time.
The bigger and higher, with several floors, the more the cake is memorable.

Wedding cakes are distinct even design pieces of to a modern wedding. Whether it has cream, marzipan, or exotic berries, chocolate or caramel play has an important role in the wedding and remains in memory for the duration of the marriage.

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It is very important as a wedding cake should be meticulously chosen to fit with trends, wedding theme and personal style. Wedding cake is a very important and is receiving much more than just a great dessert. It should also reflect the style of the wedding couple.

A super delicious and tasty cake – the perfect combination of vanilla soufflĂ©, pandispan, chocolate and whipped cream can be ordered from any patisserie which respects itself.
If until now the wedding cake was in most cases the color white or chocolate, now cakes wearing assorted colors wedding style, wedding dress and / or its bouquet. For example for a wedding on the beach very important as a cake decorated with pale blue beads and shells, or for an outdoor wedding cake with floral decorations, colored the same colors as wedding decor or contrasting colors.

There are in trend the details. Fresh fruit or floral decorations, decorations imitating embroidery etc, but very well made, are very important detail. The colors are trendy for the wedding cakes.
You would tell the size of the cake is closely related to the number of guests. Very true, but some of the floors may be false, from ice cream foam, consumable being only two or three floors. This will be an impressive cake in size and aesthetics at fairly low prices.

Pay attention to flavors that you choose for the cake, generally it should not have more than two, but can be exceptions, depending on the combinations you choose.

Appearance is not everything. If the cake does not taste great, should not be served. In the world of flavors, we see plenty of cakes covered with chocolate, representing a major role. And, cakes with the scent of Chantilly are great in demand because of the delicate flavor that they have. Meet other fruit flavors such as pineapple, exotic fruits, cherries, mango or orange.

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