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Wedding cake with different shapes

Posted On March - 7 - 2012

The main star of a wedding is in generally the wedding cake. Everyone expects to be a masterpiece that matches the wedding and also extremely delicious. So here are some suggestions about the wedding cake: ideas and trends:

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  • Classic wedding cake

The classic wedding cake whose only purpose is to be eaten is gone for long time ago. The new one is very elegant and is a 3-layer wedding cake. The most popular choices are of tall, classic wedding cakes that have simple designs. Details like topping the cake with the bride and groom’s initials, natural flowers used to decorate it, silver beads and other simple details should match your wedding and style.

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  • Wedding cake with different shapes

The shape of a classic cake is round, but there are many possibilities of designs for the wedding cake like: octagonal and hexagonal. These kinds of shapes are used for casual weddings. Even if the shapes give a simple look to the wedding cake, they offer a personal and modern look to the entire wedding.

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  • Pillars, yes or no?

The cake with many layers placed on different pillars is not used so often. The popular choice is the multiple-layer wedding cake placed one on the top of the other, and sometimes some of the layers are just for decoration. If the cake is too heavy, pillars can be used to equilibrate it but are hidden behind flowers and fruits. And this is how a beautiful work of art is created.

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  • Colored wedding cake

Many cake designers use a lot of colors when they make a cake. Colors like: pink, blue, pistachio, lilac are often used mixed with others to create a reflection of the wedding’s décor. Satin ribbons or flowers are used to decorate the wedding cake creating a spring party.

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  • Wedding cake with flowers

Generally, natural flowers are used to decorate the wedding cake. Also sugar flowers are amazing pieces of work that give it an elegant and artistic touch. These are the flowers that are used so often: orchid, roses, tulips, daisies and gardenias. You can also write your initials with rose petals to create a memorable effect.

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  • Chocolate wedding cake

The most popular flavor is chocolate. Many brides and grooms use this special flavor for their wedding cake. You can also use chocolate as a surprise ingredient: the wedding cake can be covered with pistachio and on the inside can be filled with chocolate. This big surprise is discovered only when the cake is cut. Fruits or liqueur mousse can be mixed up with chocolate to fill up the wedding cake.

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  • Cupcake wedding cake

The new trend in wedding cakes is the cake made from cupcakes for every guest and a little cake for the brides and grooms to slice it.

So these are the wedding cake ideas and trends that you can consult before making your dreamy wedding cake.

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