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Wedding Budget

Posted On September - 6 - 2012

When you organize a wedding you set a budget, but, before, you will have to decide what you want for the big day. Here are some ideas of how to plan your wedding budget.

  • Consider the guest list. Planning a wedding is based on the number of guests. Depending on this list you will rent the place for the wedding, order the wedding floral arrangements and everything necessary. Discuss who you want to invite to the wedding and take into account that your parents have also their guests. Try to keep a balance: both sides have a fair number of guests. If the list is too large, you can discussion about it. In addition, think about how you want your wedding to be and discuss with the groom. If you have very different visions, a compromise solution is best. Prepare your wedding budget with what you both want. Do your very best and make up your mind what you want for your wedding.

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  • The next step is to make a list of things that you need for the wedding. First note the absolutely necessary things: church, location, music, etc. These things will have priority, and next on the list are things without which you cannot imagine the wedding, for example, an expensive wedding dress or a limo if you really want. You can spend more money in this direction, if the budget allows. Next, write down the things you want, but that are not absolutely necessary. It is very important to set priorities, even among less necessary things. If your budget starts to grow, you will know what you can cut from the list.


  • Do not be ashamed to ask for help if you have friends or relatives who can help. A colleague with artistic sense could create a model of wedding invitations or a dressmaker could help you with your wedding dress. In addition, these people will feel flattered to contribute to an event so important in your life and what they do can be their wedding gift to you.


  • With all the details down, you can put on paper the approximate costs for the wedding. Thus, you have set a wedding budget. Consider what you can give up or if you can reduce the amount allocated. Refine the costs list until the amount will be approximately equal to your available income. Remember, some things can be more expensive while others are cheaper. Estimating 10% in addition to your costs can keep you away from unpleasant surprises.


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