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Things to consider when you choose the music for wedding

Posted On July - 23 - 2011

You got the ring, the ceremony and party place are established and the contracts are signed, your attention now turns to the choice of music for the wedding night. Your decision will have a huge impact on the outcome of the wedding party. Already know that music is the key ingredient of a successful wedding.

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There are many factors that will influence your music choice. You will ask yourselves many questions including, how many guests you have? How many band members have to be on budget but also to be enough for the number of guests and room size? Most weddings have guests with children and young people who begin and end with grandparents. How can you be sure your friends and relatives will be pleased with the DJ or band chosen?

Start your search for music bands with 9-18 months before the wedding, especially if this will happen Saturday night. Popular bands have reserved dates even the year before, so start looking early to be sure that you have where to choose.

Look for a band or a DJ who have experience at weddings. Most professionals will provide a list of locations and people to recommend their services.

When you speak with a band also ask for a list of songs they can play. Versatility is a key ingredient to the success of your party. You should be able to create a list of songs that you want to listen or a list of songs that “do not play them.” “Make sure you are okay and you can communicate easily with band leader” advises Greene Betsy from Ariel Entertainment. “He or she should be willing to learn the song of the beginning of the wedding and help you in coordinating your wedding. You should express any preferences and party details, including music volume control.

If your budget is tight, or if you want to create a club atmosphere, choosing a DJ is perfect for you. DJ companies offer services ranging from one DJ to a package that includes a MC, costumed dancers and games of lights and lasers.

Whether you choose a fill band with vocalists, a small but elegant band or a DJ try to see them before how they play live at an event. There is nothing better than to see personally how the show is created. Most importantly though, is to have fun choosing the music for the wedding.

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