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The Bride and Groom Cake

Posted On August - 25 - 2014

The bride and groom cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding. After admiring the bride’s wedding dress the next thing people are interested in is seeing this special cake that usually is sited in a place of honor.

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Through the years, the bride and groom cake has become the focus point of a variety of customs and traditions. Some of these customs have survived through time while some of them haven’t. One of the tradition that is no longer respected nowadays included that the bride’s cake had to be white in order to symbolize purity. However, most of the brides choose a white cake decorated with contrasting elements. That way they add a cheerful touch that contributes to creating a colorful atmosphere.

These days modern weddings imply having two cakes at the wedding reception, the bride cake and the groom cake. The groom cake represents a gift from the bride and an important part of the wedding traditions. Its main purpose is to be offered to the guests at the end of the evening, especially because of a certain legend according to which single women should sleep with a piece of cake under their pillow. If they respect this old saying they will dream the man they are going to marry. Nobody knows if it works, but it’s worth to try.

The groom cake often symbolize the groom’s personality, so if you want to surprise you future husband, choose a cake design that will reflect one of his passions. The latest trends involve opting for decorative elements that will allow the guests find out more about the groom’s hobbies. Here are some ideas regarding this matter:

  • If your future husband loves sports, opt for a groom cakes that is shaped as a baseball hat;
  • You can use a poker table as a source of inspiration for the cake’s design. That way you can assure your fiance things will be the same after you get married, so he won’t have to give up his old passions;
  • Offer the man you are going to marry a cake shaped as his favorite car, or as a Rolex, and you can be confident you will bring a glamorous touch to the whole event.

Whatever your choice is, note that these special cakes are designed in a very masculine style, and they are usually made from chocolate and fruits. So, all you need to do is pay attention to the details. However, if you consider you don’t have time to take care of these aspects, you can use only one cake for the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom cake.

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