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Stress before the wedding

Posted On August - 7 - 2011

Until now you understood each other perfectly, you were gentle and loving, crazy, romantic and came the moment when he propose to marriage. Since then everything seems to go crazy? You have started to have different opinions, be irritable, tired, spend less time together and the fights are becoming more frequent. Are you not making the right decision? Perhaps you are not right for each other and marriage is not the best choice?

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Do not overreact. Before marriage stress tends to reach the maximum point. First, each of you realize that the wedding is a very important step in life and often fear of marriage becomes a real obstacle in your relationship.

Wedding has many steps and high costs. In addition, you should look for a house of yours and is not easy to have a proper budget. Roads made in addition, the series of exhortation which took place those of love, the problems in daily life but also can deplete organization of the wedding.

Thus, you become more irritable, less rest and therefore less responsive, patience gets lost every day, fear of marriage will include becoming more and finally get to argue without important reasons, you have feeling that will not bear or the situation become unmanageable. If we intervene and exterior views, such as those of parents, the fights can take even more widespread. Remember it is your wedding and that what is most important is you like it, you feel good and be happy because otherwise you will regret later that you did not do as you wish and you let yourselves influenced by outside opinions.

Do not doubt of your partner, do not think that maybe you have not made a good choice. If your relationship has changed lately, it is natural, all couples are going through a difficult period before marriage. Do not think that you no longer know your lover, things will be back on track and you will see that wedding day will be wonderful, a magical one for you that will remove all misunderstandings created before.

Learn to make compromises and to sustain. Life will reserve you many weights and will need to learn to go along with them, to sustain each other and to love, and you will see that in two weights are much easier to beat.

Do not let difficulties to separate you, any couple passes through this stress before marriage. It will be much better after the wedding day and you will remember with pleasure and even amusing of this difficult period.

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