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Promise Rings

Posted On September - 24 - 2013

Couples purchase promise rings as a symbol of the future they will spend together. A couple in their 20s working their way through medical school may buy promise rings to show their intention to marry after they both graduate. Look at some other common scenarios that involve the purchase of promise rings by couples.

A teenage couple who plans to marry after they graduate from high school may get promise rings for one another. The rings symbolize their devotion to the relationship. Furthermore, the rings serve to remind the young couple of the exciting future they are going to have with one another.

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Picture a couple who dates for a few years during college, then breaks up just before graduation. They thought their lives were going in different directions. The couple reunites several years later and discovers they still have strong feelings for one another. By exchanging promise rings, they are communicating their dedication to making the relationship work. They plan to marry and giving one another a promise ring is the first step in that plan.

Promise rings aren’t just for young couples. A widow and a widower who meet later in life may discover that they want to dedicate their lives to one another. In this case, promise rings would symbolize that there is always a chance to find love even later on in life. A couple in their senior years or any other couple who is in love may want to peruse the selection of promise rings at

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