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Practical advices for the wedding day

Posted On January - 18 - 2012

After all the excitement necessary to prepare the wedding comes the long awaited day. Bride and groom must enjoy these moments and not feel tired, and the evening should be an impressive and unforgettable.

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In the wedding day you must have already made a plan to not miss any detail. To help you do this we will offer some interesting ideas that you could put in place for a wonderful wedding day.

1. List of gifts or wedding gift? If you organize a list of gifts that you will offer to guests is clear that you know what to expect. But for lovers who prefer wedding but indicated that if they received envelopes with money, they note the amount they contain. This will help the next day when you want to count the money to make payments due.

2. Very nice is that the couple has a photo of each guest. To obtain these photos without forgetting someone is shown to pose when guests arrive at the local level. Photos will be memories that you could offer to the guests.

An unique idea for couples with a better financial situation would be for each guest table to find a camera. With the guests at each table will picture each other in situations that seem designed to remain in the memory of all. After the developer you can offer to the guests pictures with them, these memories would be most beautiful.

4. Some moments of the wedding can be very beautiful or funny. Stealing the bride is one of them. What would be like the reward to be represented by funny “command”? For example groom to sing a ballad or a serenade for the bride to recover her.

5. To animate the guests on the dance floor would be wise to put some of those songs that are danced in group. I promise that once the guests get up from the chairs to the dance floor will stay until they get tired.

6. For guests to be happy and to feel good about your wedding night is advisable to place them carefully on the table, so they can communicate. Ask parents to help you grouping the known ones and try to place youth people closer to the dance floor.

7. A full original idea would be to create the local entry in a corner where to place the theme of photos with you when you were young until now, pictures of you two, all creating an illustrated portrait. You could also use a projector or a screen to play the pictures or even videos.

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