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Low Key Wedding Ideas

Posted On May - 4 - 2014

Even though you may have the money to get married like Madonna and Guy in a castle, or the courage to have the whole world witness your wedding, perhaps in the end, when deciding on which type of wedding you should have, you may not want to go the same nuptial route as the people mentioned before. Therefore, if you are one of the people in search of some low key wedding ideas, you have come to the right place!

Many brides and grooms, as well, opt for a low key wedding, which is really no wonder, because when you think of all the rules that are involved when planning a wedding (either formal, cultural or religious rules of etiquette), a low key wedding seems to be the right choice.

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One of the low key wedding ideas is to compile a smaller guest list (this means less than one hundred persons), consisting of your family and close friends. In a low key wedding, the tradition of having bridesmaids and groomsmen are not included (although, the tradition of having a maid of honor and best man are kept). In addition, bachelor and bachelorette parties are not organizes and formal attire is not required. Cocktail dresses are a valid choice for this type of wedding, and various shades of white or even other colors are accepted, as well.

Another example of low key wedding ideas is to choose a more intimate location. The wedding should be held during the day (as are often formal weddings held), as a breakfast or cocktail reception instead of a full meal, and the location can be anywhere you can think of (for example: the beach, your backyard, a farm, etc.) Another location option for a low key wedding is, as mentioned before, an intimate restaurant. There is no need to hire a DJ or a band, all you need is a jazz quartet, or a single singer may be hired, as well. So, keep it simple and chic, nothing too fancy.

Traditions such as the Chicken Dance or karaoke are not among low key wedding ideas. However, traditions like tossing the bouquet, cutting the cake, toasts, father and daughter dance tend to be kept even in low key weddings. Also, flower girls and ring bearers remain in place and centerpieces are delightful must. Do not forget: it does not matter the wedding size or how low key it is or if it is your first or third wedding, you still need to register, and even if you do not want to receive gifts, people will still bring them. Therefore, register somewhere convenient and small, such as a wine shop.

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