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Ideas for wedding vows

Posted On July - 21 - 2011

You are ready to write wedding vows? Have you ever thought to do it? A custom practiced in many countries (U.S., for example), writing and reading the vows are a solemn moment which is part of the wedding ceremony. It is expressed in a single language, understandable though by the only the two ones standing in front of the altar of love that will unite for all eternity. If you want to write the most magical message of love, there are some things you should know before starting.

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First, find out if the religion you belong has certain restrictions in terms of what you say or not. Once you get “green light” arms yourself with a pen and paper and get ready to lie on it the most beautiful and meaningful words that will constitute the wedding vows!

When two hearts beat as one, you want to be sure what you are writing comes straight from the heart. Here are some things you can consider:

Ask yourself what are the reasons of your love?
What exactly at your partner makes your heart beat a little louder?
What event / specific time you realize you want to marry?
What comes to mind when you think at the words “marriage”, “love”, “dedication”?
What about spirituality, money, children, grow old together? You shared vision in terms of these important factors?
Vows can be written together or separately. You can include promises made to each other. Here are some ideas about what you could include in it:

To love, respect, accept and honor each other
Being honest and dedicated
To respect the individuality of the partner
Being best friends
To be kind, generous and understanding
To bring smiles and joy in marriage

Include in your vows promising to develop together emotionally, spiritually and mentally throughout life experiences offered by the partnership that we enter into this occasion. The best way of writing is thinking of you together and promises a happy marriage that you will build from now on.

When you have finished nesting on paper vows, read them someone close (family member or friend / friend) to see the effect created and listen to any suggestions, opinions. They might be useful. Talk loud and clear that each of them could hear the promises that you make from the heart in this unforgettable day! The purpose of marriage is to remind us always remember and love that unites us!

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