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Ideas for the Bride’s Bouquet

Posted On July - 23 - 2011

The bouquet is one of the most important accessories of the bride, is equally an expression of its personality, but also a traditional element.

Both peonies and poppies are delicate flowers which you can find easily in hot season. If the first has a stunning fragrance symbolizing spiritual warmth, red poppies intense eye-catching, creating a perfect contrast with the white wedding dress. For women who focus on naturalness these two options are ideal.

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Astilbe plant is a less known in our country, but the true flower vendors know it for sure. Originally from China and Japan, this flower is found in various shades – from the delicate tones of pink, to deep red or purple. It is composed of blossoms with small and dense flowers and can give rise to a very elegant bouquet. On the other hand, a flower as elegant, but much more known in our country is also jasmine. And although it may seem like a pretty simple choice for a bouquet, I assure you it is worth at least to try this version. And if you think jasmine is not very interesting by itself, then combine it with roses – Both the bouquet look and especially the perfume, will convince you!

Another flower less known but very beautiful and suitable for a bridal bouquet is also Scabiosa. Popularly known under the name of sipica, Scabiosa has rich blossoms, can be found in various colors – white, shades of pink, blue, violet. And if lesser-known flowers do not convince you, you can opt anytime for traditional tulips, and some satire can be a very inspired choice. Being equally classic and elegant the satire tulips will be eye-catching.

Roses are probably one of the most classic and reliable choice for any bouquet, with so much to mention the wedding day and their significance, they blend perfectly with the event. However, carnations are becoming less frequently used in bridal bouquets in recent years, despite their special charm. Do not neglect them, especially when it comes to delicate shades of pink and do not forget that you can combine several colors to give birth to a totally spectacular bouquet.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a colorful bouquet, the fresh flowers of field can also be a worthy option to consider, especially as they will dry also very nice and would allow you to keep your wedding bouquet a lifetime.

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