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Ideas for selecting your wedding decor colors

Posted On January - 22 - 2012

Wedding décor colors are important whether if you’re choosing a theme for your wedding or not. Also the theme and the color palette are the main inspiration for the entire wedding decorations from the most important ones like invitations to the smallest like the type of cocktails served during cocktail hour. The most important touch is to have harmony in your wedding décor colors at the end even if you’re using a theme or a inspiration board.

It’s not impossible to choose the perfect color palette for your wedding. You just have to be creative and plan everything to make it perfect and unique.

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And so to make it easier for you, here are some ideas for selecting your wedding décor colors:

  • Think color:

            First, choose one favorite color, if you have no idea about it be creative! You can be inspired from the Pantone trends to each season, and the only thing that you have to do is to register on their website and ask about the current color trends. This is just an idea of how to be inspired by choosing your wedding décor colors.

  • Simple: use the color wheel!

            You can help yourself by using the color wheel to choose your wedding décor color palette. Just select your color and search for its compliments and its opposites. If you want a monochromatic wedding choose a color and add more white or black to it. This will create an elegant and inviting atmosphere and also an unforgettable décor.

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  • Be inspired by the experts:

            Interior decorating and fashion magazines can help you out in finding your perfect wedding décor colors. A greater idea for you in mixing and matching colors are the catalogues of paint companies that are full of ideas about complimentary colors, and which colors can be mixed to make an outstanding décor.

  • Be inspired by fabrics:

            You can also inspire yourself in having the most beautiful wedding décor colors by having a trip to your local fabric store. Observe the clothes’ fabrics, pattern motifs and colors and apply these ideas to your wedding décor.

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  • Use online resources:

            Navigate online and take advantage of websites like Color Lovers to inspire yourself on defining the most amazing wedding color palette. Use any information you get and give your wedding décor a personalized and unique touch.

  • Decide if you want a dominant color:

            You have to choose between on having a dominant color or to coordinate colors. If you decide to have more than one color, be careful on choosing the best complimentary and contrasting colors. If you want a dominant color you can perfectly use monochromatic shades. When you decided what are the wedding décor colors, you have to choose when and where to use them.

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  • There can never be too much inspiration:

            Another suggestion is to be careful not to overreact with the theme or its colors. You don’t have to listen to everybody when you’re choosing the wedding décor colors because it’s your wedding and you want to be happy in your happiest day of your life.

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