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Ideas for bridal showers

Posted On November - 3 - 2011

Bridal shower is a special event made for the bride before the wedding where she will receive all the gifts.

The event is a very important part of the wedding so if you want to make something special but you have not thought at anything yet here are some ideas for bridal showers:
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Wine party

A wine party is ideal for sophisticated wine connoisseurs. You will arouse the guests’ enthusiasm with a wine tasting at height. Invite the bride’s friends and ask them all to wear the finest clothes for a modern evening.

Location: If you have a large space at home to accommodate those close and loved ones, then do it. If not, you can always rent a local wine bar for the party before the wedding (discuss arranging decor style!).

Drinks: when all guests arrive, ask a waiter to serve glasses of red and white wine. You can even create a wine theme. If the bridal couple will go to Italy on their honeymoon, then choose all Italian wines, and so on.

Food: Do not forget of food! From Spanish olives to salty and tasty bagels, expensive cheese (think of gouda and brie) and chocolate delight, pull all the warning signs and serve hor d’oeuvres galore.

Desert party

Who does not like to indulge in chocolate, cookies and other sweet pleasures? If you are in the desert part of the table, adapt to a old fashion party dedicated to sweets. It can be oriented in any direction (enthusiastic or relaxed), so you can arrange for an appropriate style or your budget.

Location: a party on your patio or garden as a wonderful (especially if you light the fire for browning of the gelatin foam candy, sugar and syrup (marshmallow).

Drinks: It is expected to have a variety of teas, coffee and espresso, but do not stop there. Put on the scene sweet theme with chocolate and martini milkshake. Or bring a few bottles of wine and champagne for dessert – both are perfect for that end of the toast of the night.

Food: provide food and drink that addresses a wide audience. Fill a dessert bar with old-fashioned dishes filled with cookies, elves, chocolate popcorn and candy. This will be just perfect for a bridal shower.

If you are still in doubts about the party, try to find out carefully from the bride some things that she may like, or remember what she may have said about the bridal shower.

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