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Ideas for a wedding afterparty

Posted On February - 12 - 2012

A wedding afterparty it’s a great idea for all the party guests that want to stay longer at the wedding. If you think that they will be excited about it then plan it!

Here are some ideas for a wedding afterparty:

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Define the idea

            When you are planning a wedding afterparty you should think at a lot of things like: not everyone is going to come at the afterparty so you don’t have to reserve an entire bar, then you have to call a local bar within at least a week advance to tell them about your idea of having an afterparty with a couple of bottles of champagne.

Another idea is to do it is to have it at the reception site in a cozier place where you can end the night by drinking cocktails and listening to music. Think first who would like to attend at this wedding afterparty and then plan it depending on your budget.

Who to invite?

            You should invite everyone from the wedding even though you know that some of them will not attend to this party. Count in your best friends, your family and include some extra places for the latest guests who finally decided to come. Don’t mention the party on your wedding invitation; you can put your friends to announce each other and ask them a feedback about the idea.

Chose the place

            You should have the party in a place adjacent to the reception site. For example if you’re having the wedding in a hotel you can reserve a smaller room for the afterparty that you can decorate it yourself the way you want to. But if you’re at a restaurant and you know a great place nearby this can be an option. Also arrange transport for all the guests because they are going to have a drink.


            You can keep surprising your guests by decorating the place pleasantly. If you want them to stay partying all night long at the wedding make them come to the wedding afterparty. You can choose different decorations for the afterparty, actually you can choose a theme for it like 80s theme with music, drinks and entertainment for that period. Also you can have a cigar bar, like a prize for their presence at the party, and try ending the night in an original way.

Food and drink

            If they served dinner several hours ago you can make a buffet with some snacks like: cinnamon cookies, warm cheese scones, mini-hamburgers or whatever fits your thematic wedding afterparty. It would be a nice of you and your husband to pay the drinks if the party is going to be at a bar, but if it’s going to be in a place that was specially prepared you can make an open bar for them with some cocktails like: caipirinhas or mojitos.

What to wear?

            It depends on the wedding afterparty: if it’s casual or elegant. Announce your guests about this. This wedding afterparty can be your opportunity to shine for the second time so you can choose a beautiful outfit to wear.

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