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Ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style

Posted On March - 14 - 2012

Like all the other important details, the wedding bouquet should create an image of your own style and personality. It should match with your entire look and wedding. You have to carefully select the flowers. Also, it is important to mention that adding small details to the bouquet like printed ribbons might be a great idea.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style:

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  • Simply white wedding bouquet

The most beautiful wedding bouquet is the white matching with the bride bouquet. You can easily exaggerate with the size of your bouquet or mixing different flowers, but be careful with that. If you’re tall your bouquet can be large, it will complete your image. Choosing a simple, white and classic bouquet is a safe option, but by no means boring.However, just to make a lovely addition to the simple white bouquet, you can always look through a printed ribbon wholesale and choose a pattern that you feel confortable with. By visiting websites like, you can learn about new ways of constructing and arranging flowers for a wedding, but for a bride’s bouquet as well.

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  • A small wedding bouquet

For a practical bride a smaller wedding bouquet with two or three types of flowers can be a greater idea and is also a recommended for shorter in stature brides.

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  • A unique country style wedding bouquet

If the wedding bouquet is simple it doesn’t mean that’s invisible. Different mixes of colors and a casual flowers arrangement can make a beautiful and original bouquet.

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  • A modern and romantic wedding bouquet

Orchids are an elegant and romantic choice for the wedding bouquet and are also great that they are available in any time of the year.

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  • A wedding bouquet that expresses the bride’s personality

If you’re a bold bride and you have a fashion wedding you have to chose your flowers carefully and match them with your own personal style and personality.

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  • A simple and chic wedding bouquet

A simple, elegant and chic choice is the wedding bouquet with tulips tied with a silk bow. A little detail that you should know is that tulips are growing even after they are cut, so the bouquet should be arranged just before you take it in your hands.

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  • A wedding bouquet that complements the details

It’s not necessarily to match your bouquet colors with the colors of the wedding. He should match you and your personality but if you insist to have the same shade you should choose different flowers than you have in the flower arrangements. You could try looking through that printed ribbon wholesale just to find a detail to tie the flower arrangements with the bouquet.

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  • Wedding bouquet with lilies

Because of their durability and format colored lilies are usually used for wedding bouquets. You can have a simple bouquet made from lilies or you can add smaller flowers to complete the bouquet but not outshine the lilies.

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  • A rural wedding bouquet

If you’re having an outside eco-wedding a perfect bouquet for you is one made of country style flowers.

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  • A colorful wedding bouquet

If you want to have a colorful bouquet you should choose the flowers in complementing colors. This type of wedding bouquet will add an original touch to your wedding.

Thank you for reading this article and hope that these ideas and suggestions for a wedding bouquet with flowers for every style will help you choosing a great bouquet.

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