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Ideas and styles for an elegant wedding

Posted On February - 2 - 2012

            If you want to have a beautiful wedding here are some ideas and styles for an elegant wedding:

Autumn fantasy with petals:

            If you’re having an autumn wedding you are lucky because the autumn theme is rich in colors and can make it easier for you to have an elegant wedding. You can use various elements like leaves, tree branches and fruits in making the decorations for the party. You should use silky fabrics like organza to decorate the tables and the color palette can be made of brown and other compliments. To decorate the center table use yellow, orange or light red roses. It depends on your personal taste, creativity and imagination to create your dreamy elegant wedding. Also, different sized candles give an elegant touch to your décor.

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Blue melancholy:

            This kind of theme is usually used in the summer because it has the touch of freshness and a calming aura. The color palette is formed from blue and white. Transparent glass plates are perfect for the wedding, and the most important décor elements are the glasses, the white flowers and the satin fabrics that are light blue. Hydrangeas are a seasonal flower option that will make you a beautiful and elegant wedding. White candles and white and light blue ribbons are the touch of elegancy in this type of wedding. If you’re choosing this theme, match it to the whole wedding not only with the decorations of the place where is going to be the party.

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Candles and roses romance:

            Candle and roses are the fundamental romantic items that can help you make an elegant wedding. Rose petals are always matched with candles in a romantic scene. This theme is the most popular choice on a wedding ceremony and party. If you want a different romantic and elegant wedding you will have to choose different sized and shaped candles to create a beautiful cascade on top of a bed of rose petals. The roses can have a soft pink color the make it subtle, and the fabrics should be translucent.

Winter textures

             A winter party gives a touch of richness and opulence to the wedding. To have your own elegant wedding use a lot of gold and amber colors, the candles can be decorated with golden elements and the centered tables should have colored flower like yellow, amber, pearl and orange. You’d better use heavy fabrics with brownish colors matched with plates in golden tons and glasses made of yellowish glass.


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Chocolate fantasy

            If you want this kind of theme you can offer different kinds of chocolate to your guests. To have an elegant wedding with a chocolate theme you have to use golden satins doubled by individual red tablecloths. Take advantage of this theme and be creative in placing white chocolate and berries, and dry fruits in you decorations. Be creative!

To highlight color

            When you wish to highlight any object, decoration or color of the flowers your main color that you are going to use is grey. To underline the color of your flower arrangement use grey tones on the tables. Search on the market for fabrics with grey tones that aren’t monotonous. This will give a shiny touch to you dreamy elegant wedding.

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