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How to save money on your wedding

Posted On January - 27 - 2012

First, you have to know what your most important priorities are in planning your wedding. I know that a lot of things may seem important to be part of your wedding day, and some of them are not so important. You have to see what are the valuable aspects that will make your wedding a unique and original day and just forget about the thing that are dispensable for you. If you want to know how to save money on your wedding you have to know that the trick is to adjust your budget to the priorities:

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  1. A first tip on how to save money on your wedding is to have your special day during the week or on the winter months because the reception and services are cheaper then.
  2. Have your guest list limited to your closest friends and family; forget about your second grade cousins!
  3. You can make yourself your wedding accessories like the invitations, the wedding ring holder or the wedding favors. It will be unique and original too!
  4. If you want to find great discounts from different vendors go and visit wedding fairs and exhibitions.
  5. Another tip on how to save money on your wedding is to forget about buying your dress and the groom’s suit from a bridal shop. Try models from past collections.
  6. If you can’t organize the wedding yourself you should hire a wedding planner that will help you save a lot of money by having a list of vendor contracts and discounts that will make you fit your budget to your wedding spending.
  7. Also, an idea on how to save money on your wedding is to have the reception at your place instead of having it on a rented location, and just like this the costs are getting lower.
  8. Having a simpler reception like a bunch or a buffet instead of a formal one will be a cheaper option for you.
  9. If you’re using seasonal flowers and simple flower arrangements you will fit your budget perfectly.
  10. Ask your family to help you out with the wedding preparations like: maybe you have an aunt that makes delicious desserts and a cousin that’s a great DJ.
  11. The last an the most important tip on how to save money on your wedding is to define your budget and just stick to it!
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