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How to Find Cheap Wedding Dresses

Posted On July - 11 - 2011

You have dreamed all your life at your wedding day and now the most beautiful moment of your life is round the corner …. You know that you will hold the spot-light. Therefore, you begin to tie up things carefulness.
The bride! What a wonderful and glamorous appearance, a true princess who found her happiness in the arms of her Prince Charming. In all this fairytale frame, the wedding dress has the major role. It is natural to want the perfect dress, that fits on you like a glove and furthermore you are not disposed to spend a fortune on it. In fact, you will wear it only one day. But how can you get a beautiful wedding gown at a cheap price? Here are some tips for finding the dress you have dreamed of at an affordable price:
• Prepare yourself with patience and enough time for searching, trying, comparing before taking the right decision. Relax and don’t get into panic – the right dress is somewhere waiting for you!
• We all like the luxury wedding dresses created by famous designers, but for most of us, the price is unreachable. Here you have 2 possibilities: you may rent a designer dress or you may look for that model at a less pretentious store.
• Search for sales events and annual sample sales for finding an affordable price – they usually are taking place in extra-season, so get informed about them on time. Make this thing funny and take with you your bridesmaid for asking for their opinion.
• Don’t miss the seasonal or clearance sales – you may find the desired dress at a very good price, even if it is a last year model. Get informed about that with the shop clerks.
• Have you thought about borrowing a gown from someone close to you, relative or friend? This would be in fact the cheapest solution at all.
• Don’t forget to take a look on the online auction sites, as, a.s.o., study carefully their offer and get full details about the dress (new, second-hand, good/damaged, exact sizes) from the seller before ordering it. To be sure, beforehand, find the chosen model at a real store, try it and find out which are your sizes.
• Participate to wedding contests organized by TV channels or on Internet with prizes in wedding parts – you may be the winner!
• You may also choose the variant of getting a secondhand wedding dress from a consignment shop – there you could find a cheap, affordable and good-looking dress!
• If you are not dead keen on very sophisticated dress with train, take also into consideration the visit at a special occasion store, where you may look for a white, ivory or other coloured-dress. The price is quite affordable.
• Try as many models as you can; there is a big difference between the way it looks on the dummy and the way it fits you. Compare, ask for opinions and finally make the good bargain!
And most important of all, don’t forget to smile, let your inner beauty reveal itself and live the moment fully – you will be the most beautiful bride without ravaging your savings. Good luck and be happy!

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