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Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Posted On July - 20 - 2011

If you are not adepts of a honeymoon spent on the beach or if you want a honeymoon in unconventional patterns, here are some daring suggestions!

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Visit a metropolis!

Do you like big cities? Try New York, the city which is said to never sleeps …
To convince yourself you can try one of the many nightclubs. You have a lot to see: the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, etc… And if you like shopping, we recommend the World Financial Center located near the former twin towers. Here you can choose one of the many restaurants or visit Winter Garden. If you do not have height sickness you should try “Dinner in the sky!” We were amazed to discover a new way to enjoy food … at height! And that, above a city, suspended from a crane. It will be an unforgettable experience, especially for the honeymooners.

Visit a historic city!


The city of 100 towers, may be an appropriate destination. From the palace gardens, churches and historical monuments also to the spas where you can relax, this city offer is extraordinary. Plus Prague is recognized as one of the most romantic cities in the world. So it is very suitable for honeymoon… In order to make the most on your honeymoon in Prague, check out the Prague article on You will see that there is much more to Prague than just towers and bridges.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva in the French-speaking Switzerland, Lausanne offers a gentle and artistic vision of life than the other Swiss cities. Couples are excited of narrow streets which cross the city, of romantic restaurants and nightlife. Due to its central position in relation to Lake Geneva, Lausanne is the place where you can start exploring the vineyards area and small villages around the lake. Although surrounded by three hills, in Lausanne you can do long walks. A good starting point would be Rue de Bourg, once a local exhibition catalog, most buildings in town still retains the look of the old noble houses, although the ground floor of the houses host small shops, some very luxurious.


Another great destination is Amsterdam. Amsterdam, called “Venice of the North” is located on the southern shore of Lake IJsselmeer and has al island book because of the 150 canals and 400 bridges of stone. Amstel River (from which comes the name of town) crosses the old city, cutting it in half. Once a bustling commercial port, Amsterdam is a small town, cosmopolitan, offering today two different images: one of cultural city of the eighteenth century built over the channel also an image of international business center. Amsterdam offers you everything you want. For lovers are here on their honeymoon, Amsterdam offers long walks along the canals or parks (the most beautiful is the Vondelpark), museums and touristic attractions, great food and many shops where you can buy … anything.

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