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Gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding

Posted On February - 16 - 2012

Nowadays weddings are becoming more and more luxurious, so the wedding souvenirs you are going to offer have to be original and the thing that is making them unforgettable it’s their presentation.

So don’t forget that gifts and souvenirs, like personalized fans, have the role to thank guests for their presence. It can be decorative and putted at the reception, or on the table to create a beautiful environment. They also reflect your formality and personality as a couple.

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So these are some ideas of gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding:

  1. Don’t forget to wrap your wedding souvenirs in a very attractive way using: a little box or a paper bag with a small bow. The guests will be excited to see that you were working so hard to make that wrapping for the souvenirs that you wanted to give them.
  2. You have to match the color of your souvenir’s packages with the predominant colors of the wedding.
  3. You can add a personal touch to the wedding souvenirs by adding inside a motto that you like, or a meaningful poem.
  4. To have more unique wedding souvenirs you can hire a calligrapher to engrave your initials and a personal message on it, using a personalized ribbon. Also a cheaper option that you can use is the laser printing.
  5. To make the souvenirs functional you can attach them cards with the name of the guest and the number where he/she will stay and put them on the reception’s table.
  6. You can also make a small card yourself to put on the gifts and here is where your creativity appears.
  7. Another idea is to make some table centers with vases with flowers and each one should have a card for every guest sitting at that table.
  8. To make more room on the table you can hang the wedding souvenirs on each chair using a satin ribbon to place the gift tied in a nice cloth bag.
  9. An original idea is to decorate a Christmas tree with the gifts if you’re having a winter wedding.
  10. Another suggestion is to put them in a basket and tell the guests to take them when they leave the wedding.
  11. You can give children something fun to play with during the reception, or you can tell them to give every guest a gift.
  12. You can be practical and put the wedding souvenirs on a central table and tell the guests to take it themselves. For the children you can use a smaller table.
  13. Having some extra souvenirs can save you if some of them are ruined during the wedding or some of the guests will want to take more than one.
  14. Gifts that will never be unfashionable are: homemade jams with small homemade cookies wrapped in cellophane paper tied with a nice ribbon. Edible wedding favors will go straight to your guests’ hearts, and the gesture will surely be appreciated.
  15. If you want to give chocolate you should pay attention to the temperature because in the summer they can easily melt.
  16. A challenging option is to make the guests to give donations to some organizations instead of giving them gifts. Or you can buy your wedding souvenirs from UNICEF.
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