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Choices for the groom’s outfit

Posted On March - 9 - 2012

The wedding dress is one of the attractions of any wedding. But equally well can come out also the groom’s suit, with the condition to be chosen with good taste, to be under the wearer’s personality and every detail of the outfit to be well chosen.

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What are the trends for groom’s suit in summer 2011?

According to the most popular mens fashion blogs, the 2011 trends stick to the classics when it comes to groom outfits. Frock coat with two buttons is still the main choices when it comes to wedding. Chromatically, black remains one of the basic preferences in ceremonial outfits for men, but there are many applications also for the matching navy blue jacket with black pants.

What accessories are suitable for a man in his wedding day?

Buttons, belt and handkerchief from the lapel. I think the clock should not be part of ceremonial outfit because for the bride and the groom time stood in place anyway.

How do you choose the right buttons?

In order for a groom to look as sophisticated as the bride, he has to pay attention to all of the elements of his outfit. Most men don’t put too much focus on the buttons. However, if there’s one thing that we learned from mens fashion blogs is that a great look is defined by exquisite details. The buttons should be chosen primarily on grounds of color so that in contrast to the shirt, you can make easy notice. If, for example shirt is white knobs can go with the stronger tone of the rest of the outfit, it is understood that they can not be white, silver or pearl because it would confuse the background white shirt. That form, they should harmonize with the general line of the outfit. If has kept the romantic influences (cutting of frock, curves, material with floral, lace shirt), knobs can be round, oval or possibly representing a flower. If more sober outfit (tuxedo, shirt collar, tie or bow tie) buttons should follow straight lines with classic shapes.

To what extent should the groom’s outfit match the bride’s dress?

Color matching of both bride and groom can create often a coloring disaster. The bride could possibly have a little color accent on the dress which be repeated at the handkerchief from his lapel, but that’s it and only if the tone is dark red or purple. This does not mean that the two bride and groom outfits should not be matched. But their matching refers to the style of the dress, adopted for the two outfits, which must be harmonized with each other but also to the wedding theme. A princess style dress with lace is shown to have near her a frock with floral elements, while a Roman goddess style dress is simply better matched with a classic tuxedo.

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