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Bride hairstyle and make-up ideas

Posted On December - 5 - 2011

When planning for a wedding, a woman must make sure that all elements of her outfit are perfect. She must consider endless dress models, accessories, nail polish designs and so on. However, at a wedding all eyes are on the bride’s dress and then on her face. Therefore, the most important elements that a future bride must consider are the dress and the hair and makeup. Future brides with long hair have an advantage when they choose the wedding day hairstyle, because hair length offers them a lot of styling options. Current trends say that future brides prefer angelic curls in instead of sophisticated buns at the wedding. The manner in which you can make curls can vary! If you want to be Independence and volcanic a bride, say no to sophisticated styles and adopt a natural style.

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In this case curls are left free on the back, without hair accessories to complete.

You can add a few accessories to bring a touch of fantasy to the hairdressing style even if that comes to bright diamonds or natural flowers.

For a sensual look you can choose the path to the side, catching the hair with a fantasy accessory. This look is perfect if you let your hair loose, but you should have a hairstyle that exudes elegance.

When you want a hair with volume, curls or teased hair fulfill your wish. Such hair, inspired by tales of princesses must be completed with a tiara or a crown of flowers for you to look perfect on the arm of Prince Charming.

Another way that you can style long hair is to catch the strands from the front and let the hair on the back.

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Bridal make-up – is an unique art in the field of make-up. You cannot put neither in the evening nor in the day make-up. It is acceptable a natural make-up in moderate tones, which is typical the makeup of day but without an appropriate professional even most attractive lady may appear in the pictures less expressive. Yet the days slowly becomes evening and the bride’s look flawless at any time it is necessary that the tones of the makeup to be quite intense and best to do a retouch in the evening.

Makeup really is itself a combination of day and evening makeup. On the one hand, it is necessary to find the right color of foundation of the skin color of the face, because the bride will have to “keep face” a long time. But unlike the noisy night, the wedding – is quite serious and formal and bridal makeup in many cases differs by seriousness and even conservatism. It is desirable to use natural and warm colors, but color range selection has a great significance, it is not the skin color but wedding dress style and color. Currently wedding dresses are very widespread in various shades and therefore you must be very careful because the face skin should be in harmony both in color and pattern as the dress. One of the most common mistakes is – using blush and lipstick in pink shades.

We hope that these ideas will inspire you to find the perfect hairstyle and the best makeup for your special day. Once you are done with the dress, the hair and the makeup, you can move on to the rest of the details such as the nail polish designs, the accessories and so on. Once you choose the main elements of an outfit, it is easier to focus on the details because you already know what you are looking for since they have to match the overall image.

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