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Bridal accessories

Posted On July - 28 - 2011

When it comes especially to wedding jewelry, most brides are quick to find a set of earrings, necklace and bracelet that fits as well with dress design or personality. It is the easiest solution and often the cheapest … but not always the most inspired choice. Lately, at least, increasingly more brides began to give up these sets of jewelry purchased and put their little imagination to work, to make themselves interesting and innovative combinations of jewelry. In addition, the idea of “jewelry“ wedding was somewhat extended, reaching the point where other factors considered somewhat trivial in the past (such as barrettes or wreaths), have now come to be as precious as a pearl necklace let’s say … But let’s see exactly what are these new trends in accessories and what you can choose for your wedding!
Hair accessories, the most interesting trend

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Clips. Because we mentioned the clips we will start with them. Probably remember those clips either simple or adorned with mini flowers canvas and a little glitter on edge. Gone are the days where all brides wore something like that in their hair! Today the most interesting accessories like this can get to be inlaid with semiprecious stones or decorated with gold or silver wires. The best choices are those delicate hair clips, with simple designs that do not attract too much attention, but are noted as much as they need.

Wreaths. The hair accessories category must remember also the wreaths. Although not very popular among brides, they can complement an outfit in a very interesting way. Found in a variety of designs, from simple, with a single element detail and to the inlaid stones and decorations, so they are real jewels for brides who prefer glamorous style.

A new approach of the classic jewelry

Classic bracelet, immortal necklace, earrings or brooches probably will never be replaced with other accessories no matter how interesting and innovative they are … nor do we want it! But we cannot notice that the design of these jewelry lines are changing almost every year, according to the requirements of buyers or direct influences of fashion…

Bracelet. Choose an over sized bracelet as a centerpiece and combine it with some delicate accessories. The result will be a spectacular one!

Necklace. Pearls and precious stones never go out of style! If you are a young bride and prefer to go on modern outfit rather than a traditional one, then you can choose a minimalist-inspired necklace, but remember that a string of pearls is the ultimate statement of femininity and beauty!

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