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Before making the “Big Step”

Posted On January - 17 - 2012

Before starting a serious relationship with someone you want to become one day your partner for life should pay attention to a number of issues that being in love, you may not think they are so important.

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If parents or friends have doubts or suspicious about him don’t ignore them and be a little careful, even more than that, check yourself if you are entitled to doubt it.

If about his former girlfriend or wife speaks only bad things should watch. Divorce or separation is rarely produced by the fault of one person.

If he was not married and not keep the relationship with the child don’t believe that his wife have completely banned that.

Pay attention to its professional or workplaces history so you’ll get an idea of his lifestyle that he spent and how your life will be with him.

If your friends do not like him be more careful. You should also take care if he hates your friends and if he thinks you should no longer see them.

If he behaves in a way with his friends or work colleagues and with you otherwise, when you remain alone, he is a man with two faces.

If he has a bad relationship with his parents check the reasons, do not believe all the words he says, always the blame is shared.

If he has about 30 years and he hasn’t got his money not prior in relation with him and not get married until his reach financial stability, otherwise the money will be an eternal dispute in your marriage.

Be sure you can live with him as he is because you cannot change him and if you try, the relationship is as compromised.

If he always praise and wants to create the impression that he knows everything he will depart on a lot of people around him and maybe in time, even you.

Be careful if he does not have friends, this is a bad sign, do not listen if he says that all of them remained with the ex.

If he has sexual problems go along with him to a doctor before you get marry, otherwise these unresolved problems will become only your problems.

If he claims he is never wrong, nor apologizes over the whole relationship it will always be your fault. After years of telling you that you will start to believe it and blame yourself.

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