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Amazing Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Posted On July - 25 - 2014

Planning a wedding can be one of the most difficult tasks someone has to fulfill. The guests list is a priority when it comes to organizing the best day of your life, so you might want to take care of that aspect before doing anything else. We advise you to search for the best wedding seating chart ideas that can be fun and practical in the same time.

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The first thing that your guests do when they arrive at the wedding reception is search for their seats. Try to see this as an opportunity to impress everyone by creating some fun seating charts. They must have an informational role, but they could also serve as part of the decor. So, let you imagination free and think of some of the most interesting wedding seating chart ideas you can apply.

The eye-catching display can add a special touch to your big day. Here are some of the most popular sources of inspiration that can guide your friends and family through their tables:

  • Window wedding seating chart ideas can really make your wedding look like a fairytale page. Use colored markers to write the names of your guests, and paint the frames in a vintage way. That way you will add an extra touch of romanticism, and people will feel like they are given special attention.
  • No matter how much you planned the perfect wedding day, things seem to have a way of changing, and so does the guests list. Some of the people who confirmed their presence couldn’t attend the wedding, while others came in a larger number than they were supposed to. That is why a chalkboard piece is perfect if you search for a seating chart that is easy to adjust. After all, avoiding complications should be one of your top priorities.
  • If you want to incorporate the seating charts in the wedding design, using mirrors for every table is the best choice you can make. Opt for different sizes and shapes, such as round, square, oval and rectangular mirrors. Place them above a beautiful vintage table and you can be confident everyone will appreciate the effort you have made.
  • Most of the brides are too occupied to take care of this aspect, so if you find yourself in the same situation, try not to complicate things too much. Our advice is to opt for a simple calligraphy and a fabulous Geronimo balloon to enhance the way your seating chart looks. After all, the main purpose of these objects is to help people find their place at the tables.


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