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Amazing Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Posted On August - 5 - 2014

Organizing an outdoor wedding is a great idea, especially if you choose a warm season for the event; doing it during winter can also result in a spectacular party, but it costs you more to provide comfort and warmth for your guests, and not everyone might be up to the task. Outdoor weddings have a fairytale air and can really create a special atmosphere that everyone remembers and enjoys; still, it will be a bit more difficult to organize than a normal indoor wedding, because you have to find the location and transport tables, chairs, table settings, food, drinks and decorations. Some catering companies deal with just that, and they can advise you on details you might not have foreseen.

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Be Imaginative!

Even if you get help from a catering company doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the decorative process in order to make sure everything is as you’ve imagined it. To help you add to your ideas, we’ve come up with some tips of our own that you might like to integrate in your decorating plans. Since there are fewer decorating options for an outdoor wedding, you have to use everything you can in order to bring everything together, but you have to be careful that your choices match the location and rather highlight it, not the other way around.

The first choice you might like to consider is the lighting for the location, for the evening. We recommend you use hanging lanterns, which are romantic and beautiful. The Hanging Lanterns Company offers a wide array of hanging lanterns ideal for various types of outdoor events; you can either opt for completely white lanterns if that’s your wedding theme, or go for multicolored lanterns that give a joyful and fun atmosphere when lit.

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Flower garlands can also be a great addition for an outdoor wedding, even if you are in a green environment like a lawn or forest. If you have a full-white wedding, the garlands can be multicolored, otherwise you should stick to two, maximum three colors in your decorating scheme. If, however, you opt for a tent wedding in case it might rain, you can now choose a transparent tent that still makes use of the great location around it. And if the lanterns are no longer practical here, you can have a full electrical system installed and even hang realistic chandeliers on the ceilings.

An outdoor wedding must look amazing at night with all the lights and flowers, everyone dressed their best, and the rustling leaves nearby, sending gusts of wind to cool your guests.

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