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7 people that are NOT invited to the wedding

Posted On December - 17 - 2011

You want the wedding party to be a dream, shine in the center of attention, have fun and not have some problems. One of the preventive steps in terms of unpleasant events at the wedding is to be careful who you invite.

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7 people that are NOT invited to the wedding

Former boyfriends

Former lovers occupy prominent place in the list of who should not be present at your wedding. Whether you get along with them, but there will be a battle of egos between your husband and those present there … Only in exceptional cases when the groom go well with some of them you can call to the wedding … Otherwise, it is indicated to avoid the incidents, because your husband can stay with a bad memory from the wedding, and can happen all sorts of troubles, acts of jealousy or worse, evocation of scenes of love with you and the former. It would be the height of shame …
Or like the ex to steal the bride…

Party people

Those who cannot refrain from drunkenness which steal completely their reason should stay at home. We do not know how man can react to drink: arguing, swearing, breaking, inappropriate dedications. Rather than risking the wedding to turn into a scandal, better avoid such people.

Former girlfriends

If the former boyfriends are not allowed, it is clear that neither the former girlfriends are not agreed to such an event. That’s all you need: a scene of jealousy or any not leaving the groom in peace.

Lecherous friend of your husband

Some friends just cannot refrain from lewd remarks and gestures. If you know you’ve already had some problems with a libidinous friend of your lover (and cases are not rare), it is better to leave him at home in your wedding night.


Quarrelsome people, who tend to contradict and have a history of several scandals at parties or weddings should stay home. Verbal and physical violence are not part of the wedding atmosphere.

Little kids

The wedding is a party addressed to the loved ones, but the traditions and the type of party is best suited for adults. Toddlers are very mischievous and can do damage or cry and require constant care. In addition, the wedding is usually painful for a child as he needs to sleep early…

Jealous friends

Another category that should be avoided. Sure you do not want to your dress wine or another deliberately incident to ruin your wedding.

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