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14 tips to plan a wedding from afar

Posted On February - 22 - 2012

If you’re living in another country but you still want to have your wedding in the place where at least one of you were born, you should follow these 14 tips to plan a wedding from afar to have everything perfectly putted together.

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1. Wedding planning is not easy and so you should start first by searching on the internet the place where do you want to have the wedding.

2. Then you can search through the yellow pages some companies and ask them to tell you some restaurants in the area where you want to get married.

3. Wedding planning includes items like flowers, catering and photos that you should include in your budget. Write down all of your conversations with the companies of catering and save the e-mails and all the information needed to get this part done.

4. Then you should tell the vendors to send you some samples of colors, brochures, photographs, tapes with music from the musicians and also references from other couples.

5. Hiring a wedding consultant can be a great idea because he/she knows the best local wedding vendors and can obtain a better offer for you.

6. When you have your wedding planning you can ask your relatives that live nearby the place where you want to get married for their opinion.

7. You can contact famous hotels because sometimes they are offering their services for wedding planning leaving you a few things to do. They also can recommend you better florists and photographers.

8. If you want a special arrangement of flowers you can choose it from different magazines and pictures found on the internet and e-mail them to the florist.

9. In your wedding planning you should include packing the wedding dress and the groom’s costume for the trip at least 15 days before leaving.

10. When you choose your flowers go local! Think in which period you are going to get married and what kind of flowers are abundant then and so you can reduce your budget.

11. If your first meeting with the priest is on your wedding day you can ask in advance for a script of the ceremony to negotiate the changes you want to do.

12. Perhaps you will have to make a pre-wedding trip to take care of all necessary marriage licenses on time.

13. Program yourself minimum two meetings before the wedding with the hair and make-up stylist and also with the catering service for food and cake.

14. You can make a list of all the important items “to do and to have” on that day and check it twice before you get married.

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