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12 tips for the bride to look her best

Posted On January - 30 - 2012

You should look your best on your wedding day even if its’ planning is very stressful. If you don’t know how to do it here are 12 tips for the bride to look her best:
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  1.  First from the 12 tips for the bride to look her best is to be a practical bride and make your appointments for everything beforehand.
  2. Then, you should have a massage session on that day to look relaxed.
  3. Another tip from the 12 tips for the bride to look her best is to have your manicure and pedicure in the same place not to run over stressed out because you’re getting late.
  4. Also, the bridal hairstyle and the makeup in the same place.
  5. Do a makeup test two weeks before the wedding. You can have some pictures to see how the makeup looks in the daylight.
  6.  The sixth tip from the 12 tips for the bride to look her best is to do a hairstyle test before your wedding day and take some pictures with the veil or other accessories that you want to wear on your wedding day. Check if the colors from your makeup match with the colors of your wedding.
  7. You should have your facial and wax at least two weeks before your wedding day if you don’t want to have an ugly rash.
  8. Have a haircut or dye it at least two weeks before the wedding to allow your hair to look more natural.
  9. If your hair is going to be pinned up during the wedding you should wash it on a night before to make it easier when you style it. If you are going to wear a veil or other accessories you can ask the hairstylist to help remove them carefully and to make some eventual adjustments if you want to.
  10. Wear sunblock cream under the makeup and on the exposed body parts if you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summer.
  11. You can ask the makeup artist to retouch your makeup if the ceremony lasts until the night to have a stronger and heavier makeup at night for the photos.
  12. The last tip from the 12 tips for a bride to look her best is not to go to a solarium before your wedding, and better, don’t go out in the sun not to have your skin spotted or burned on your wedding day.
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